Graduate Institute of Public Health(Doctoral Degree Program)

Education goals

  • To equip students with advanced knowledge and research skills in public health.
  • To make students have proficiencies in independently critical thinking with evidence base and independently study skills for research in public health issues.
  • To make students have the personal quality of concerns on international health and sustainable development for the betterment of the global health.

Requirement and Credits

Students must complete 36-credit courses (24 required credits including 12 credits in doing a thesis). This program provides four disciplinary tracks for applicants: occupational safety and health & environmental medicine and risk, public health (including preventive medicine, biostatistics, epidemiology and environmental health), hospital management & health policy, and public health & nursing care. Each disciplinary track provides students with elective courses. Students have to select courses to complete required credits from their own enrolled tracks, respectively. In addition to above mentioned, they have to complete the rest of credits from electives across disciplines.

Curriculum on D r.PH. Program in Public Health (download)