Student Assistant Division always had the belief of “Care for all, Eager to Serve” when providing services to our students. Caring for the mental and physical health of our students is the main goal of our team. We expect the Mentor System to exert its general and immediate function in attending to and assist solving all the problems our students encounter. Through the Teaching Excellence Project, we hope to create our own unique hostel culture of China Medical University and generally provide the service to students living on and off-campus. In view of the “Moral Movement” promoted by the Ministry of Education, our team is also expecting to upgrade the quality of our students’ moral character through various activities, in order to cultivate them into the academically and morally enhanced students of CMU.

It is often challenging to deal with various issues that students encounter off campus, hence the 24-hour emergency hotline in the office of Military Education and Training and the Life Counseling Team is available mainly for this purpose, we expect all of our colleagues can provide adequate assistance to all students in need. The Military Training Instructors are here on the campus to promote the National Defense Education. Besides having the enthusiasm of caring and providing services for our students, the Military Training Instructors shall also enhance themselves in their own various skills, thus providing the students with better quality of educational and personal care.

The main duty of the Student Assistant Division and Military Education and Training Team are to provide services for our students and deal with issues on and off-campus. Colleagues of these two teams, with the spirit of serving and sincere attitudes, shall initiate to assist in solving problems that each student faces, as well as making a contribution towards our country, our school and the parents of our students.