Student Information - Master



Requirements for applying for a master degree examination

  • Having at least completed credits in Master Program, which are stipulated in the graduation credit recognition list of the year of admission.
  • Have attended international academic symposium and deliver an oral presentation or  poster as first author in English. (Provide the attachment)
    Or provide records of submitting SCI or SSCI papers(not including letter, communication, case report, review, proceedings, and supplement). (Provide the attachment)
  • Attend Progress Report in every semester after 3rd grade starts and submit report ppt to institute office on time.


Degree Examinations of Master

  • Check for [Graduate student thesis defense application deadline] → 2018 academic year calendar
  • Applying steps:
    1. Apply for thesis defense online:
      1. Log in Student System (see manual)
      2. Upload “CMU Graduate Student Academic Ethics Statement” and [Originality Comparison of Research Paper]
        → See where to get Originality Comparison of Research Paper: https://guides.turnitin.com/01_Manuals_and_Guides/Student_Guides/Feedback_Studio
      3. Press "Print" to get [Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination].
    2. Submit documents listed below to instituted office at least 3 weeks before the defense:
      1. Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination
        Should be filled with the date, the signature of your advisor, and the name and Institute of committee members. The Thesis Advisory Committee comprises 3 members; 2 are faculty in the CMU and 1 is from outside CMU.
      2. An academic transcript over the years
        Printed by ”CMU’s Payment Vending Machine” at the end of corridor on LiFu first floor, next to restroom and beverage vending machine. Or you may ask the personnel of graduate student affairs, on 6F of LiFu building, for help.
      3. Thesis draft and Abstract
        There's no officially format for it. Can be submitted as paper or profile.
      4. Letter of Recommendation from the Thesis Adviser.
      5. Records of attending oral or poster presentation in international conference(Provide the attachment), or records of submit SCI or SSCI papers(Provide the attachment).
  • After application for thesis defense is granted, you will receive some necessary documents for the examination such as score report and Verification from the Oral Examination Committee from the office. After the examination, please return those documents to the office.


Print out Verified Thesis

  1. Student will receive a scanning e-file of [Verification from the Oral Examination Committee], which is needed when running Electronic Thesis & Dissertations Service, after the defense.
    → See where to get Electronic Thesis & Dissertations Service :http://etds-lib.cmu.edu.tw/en/etdsystem/submit/submitLogin
  2. Student will get “CMU Thesis & Dissertation Copyright License Agreement” after E-thesis service and final version of your thesis. Please print out final version in accordance with the regulations of format description and all copies should be covered in “Olive green”.
    → Get format description and examples of Thesis front cover example and spine.


Note for Graduation and Leaving School

  1. Hand in 2 copies of Master Thesis to institute office and 3 copies to CMU librar.
  2. Send digital file of Mater Thesis to the office: gibs@mail.cmu.edu.tw
  • When leaving school, please follow the procedure: Submit 2 thesis copies to GIBS office → submit 3 thesis copies to Library and return borrowed items→ settle balance due (if any) at Office of Finance → return borrowed academic dress (if any) to Property Management Division of Office of General Affairs → receive diploma at Office of Graduate Student Affairs
    *Locations of offices mentioned above:
    GIBS office:
    7th floor of cancer center
    Library: 9th floor of Li-Fu Hall
    Office of Finance, General Affairs, and Graduate
    Student Affairs: 6th floor of Li-Fu Hall

    *If student fail to complete the procedure before the last day of semester, s/he need to register and pay full tuition fee to graduate next semester. The last day of Fall Semester is February 30th. The last day of Spring Semester is August 31st.

More information of the Graduate student can go to Office of Graduate Student Affiairs website.