Future Prospects

  1. To establish collaborative ties with biotech companies in Taiwan with a view to fostering mutual bi-directional knowledge & technology transfer & flow
  2. To recruit internationally renowned faculty members thereby forming an international research team in hope of moving rapidly Taiwan’s current biotech industry to the next high level
  3. To assemble into an inter-institutional new-drug-development research team based on our strong CMU faculty members from College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and College of Chinese Medicine
  4. To offer a Ph.D. graduate program in biotechnology with a view to producing cutting-edge Ph.D.-level biotech professionals


Options for Future Employment

Our B.S.-level graduates should have the following options for their future employment:

  1. Professional research personnel in the biotechnology industry
  2. Managers in the biotechnology industry
  3. Researchers in biomedicine-related academic fields
  4. Faculty members of colleges or universities
  5. Researchers in the field of genetic modification
  6. Researchers in the field of anti-cancer Chinese herbal medicine


Options for Furthering Education

Our B.S.-level graduates should have the following options for pursuing their advanced study:

  1. Graduate Institute of Biotechnology
  2. Graduate Institute of Biochemical Engineering
  3. Graduate Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
  4. Graduate Institute of Biochemistry
  5. Graduate Institute of Bioinformatics
  6. Graduate Institute of Life Science
  7. Graduate Institute of Medical Science
  8. Graduate Institute of Pharmacy
  9. Graduate Institute of Botany
  10. Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology & Biomedicine
  11. Graduate Institute of Technology Law
  12. Graduate Institute of Molecular Systems Biomedicine