This department is built on the framework of physiology, pharmacology, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Besides, we integrate traditional Chinese and Western medicine, assemble diverse research expertise from our faculty members with many different professional fields, draw on the foundation of modern molecular biotechnology, combine the developmental foci of biotech industry, and make full use of all of the CMU-affiliated research centers, in hope of providing students with a wide view of the cutting edge of biotechnology. We also diversify the undergraduate curriculum so that it will equip students with the flexibility to respond to the rapid growing of biotech industry. Moreover, our department offers undergraduate students ample research training opportunities in their curricula. There are many labs to choose from: including Lab of Cardiovascular Disease, Lab of Bacterial Pathogenesis, Lab of Signal Transduction, Lab of Nano-Biomedical Engineering, Lab of Bioinformatics & Computer-Aided Drug Design, Lab of Protein Science & Technology, Lab of Immunology, Lab of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Lab of Nano-Biomaterials, Lab of Gene therapy, Lab of Anti-cancer Chinese herbal medicine, and Lab of Tumor Biology (Cancer Biology).

cancer biology Development of Anti-Cancer Chinese Herbal Medicine
Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Drug Design Drug Delivery
Gene Therapy Mechanism of Cardiovascular disease and its Therapeutic Development
Immunology & Drug Development Mechanism of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Its Therapeutic Development
Genetics & Genomics Structure Biology & Bioinformatics
Transcriptomics Enzyme Catalysis and Kinetics
Proteomics Protein Chemistry & Engineering
Nano-Biomedical Engineering Nanovector-based Gene Therapy

The main focuses of Department of Biological Science and Technology are biotechnology and pharmaceutical-related researches as well as faculty’s professionals. We also encourage students to study relevant laws and technology-related intellectual property rights, hoping to contribute their own knowledge to academic and/or biotech industry.
In terms of courses and educational objectives in this Department, courses can be divided into basic courses, general education courses, integrated fields, professional elective courses, biomedicine and biotechnology industry. In order to achieve the aims of education-fostering the students to understand the modern development of biological sciences, the Department gives basic courses/general education, integrated fields for freshmen and sophomore, respectively. To achieve educational goals- training professional knowledge of modern applications of biotechnology, the Department gives professional elective courses for juniors with the themes of biomedical science and technology development. To reach educational goals of fostering students with research and development capacity, the Department gives related-courses of application of the biotechnology industry which are divided into biomedicine and biotechnology industry for seniors.

The curricula of graduate program are extension of undergraduate arrangements with advanced biotechnology research as the core. Students are encouraged to select lab according to their own interest and assisted by supervisor who will mentor experiment and research in the future.

In summary, the features of curricula at this Department are basic knowledge of biological science and technology, development of biomedical science and technology and application of biotechnology industry in the undergraduate program. Master program are including advanced knowledge of biotechnology, development of biotechnology and application of biotechnology industry. In PhD program, advanced knowledge of biotechnology research and development and application of biotechnology industry are the main cores.